Project WOO: Nicaragua Grant

Project Wave of Optimism (“Woo”), a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, takes a grassroots approach to promote sustainable community development in the surfing regions of Latin America.

By traveling to far-flung global surf destinations, the international surfing community is able to witness firsthand the daily struggle faced by the majority of the world’s citizens.  This interaction between the surfing world and the developing world presents a unique opportunity to create relationships with local residents and support the growth of their villages in a meaningful way.

GWOF recently awarded Project WOO a $4,000 grant to help continue their efforts in Gigante, Nicaragua.  A community census is being taken through the summer of 2011 which will guide where the money will be utilized in the community.  The video below illustrates the great work Project Woo is doing in Gigante, we will report back with more information in the Fall of 2011.