Sports Connections Grant

Sports Connection was founded in June 2007 in response to the many children in South Lake Tahoe who were not participating in community activities which typically foster a sense of identity, self esteem, and belonging.  There are many barriers to their participation some of which include finances, language, and transportation.  It is the goal of Sports Connection to play an early prevention/intervention role in the lives of youth in order to decrease gang involvement and teen-age pregnancy.  A secondary purpose is to build unity amongst youth in this community where currently there is division due to segregation in the classrooms and invisible lines segregating neighborhoods.

The program works by connecting a financial sponsor to a child.  Sports Connection sponsors are typically given a scholarship rate by the provider as most candidates would qualify for this adjusted rate.  Once placed on a team equipment as well as transportation needs are dealt with.  Sports Connection will work with the coach/instructor as well as parents on the team to ensure a participants success.  The child is asked only to give 100 percent as a team player and to keep their grades and behavior at school positive in return.

Sports Connection Grant - 2010

GWOF is proud to announce that a $1,000 grant is being issued to Sports Connection to continue their noble work with children in the South Lake Tahoe Community. The Barton Foundation will be matching the grants for a total of $2,000 for the program.