Mt. Tallac Scholarship Program

Located high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains on the south shore of Lake Tahoe, Mount Tallac is a continuation high school serving students at-risk for graduation due to credit deficiency, working full time or pregnant and parenting. The majority of our students participate in the morning program, enabling students to work full time and/or parent. Furthermore, an individualized program is offered in the afternoon to meet the academic needs of students in placement.

The majority of our students come from families that are at-risk and live below the poverty line. Many of our students come from single parent families, a history of substance abuse, diverse backgrounds facing multi-cultural issues and lack of parenting skills. Our students report experiencing high rates of parental neglect and abuse which contribute to excessive school failure, drop out, truancy, runaway and homelessness. Additionally, most of our students score below basic and far below basic due to their interrupted academic paths.

Anna Hastie, Director of Hotel Operations at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe, approached GWOF for a partnership to support Mt. Tallac High School through a scholarship program. After our initial review of the project GWOF immediately understood her compassion for this effort and was happy to team up on an effort to help this great program. Anna Hastie is the true drive behind this program and has guaranteed a minimum amount of funds to the program on a yearly basis.

Please use the button below for donations to the Mt. Tallac Scholarship Program, all donations are fully tax deductible.

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