GWOF is dedicated to fulfilling the opportunity chain through prudent selection of projects and execution of funds.  The opportunity chain represents a wide array of issues and it is necessary to thoroughly research every category for potential opportunities.  The GWOF team has developed a distinct project selection process to identify, examine and develop opportunities that fall into the opportunity chain.

GWOF intends to fund projects, organizations and individuals through two avenues – grants and scholarships.  Grants will be directed towards larger projects or organizations that meet the mandates and purpose of GWOF.  Any organization or project seeking funds will have to go through a rigorous due diligence process to earn funds in the form of a grant.  Scholarships will be directed towards individuals or small groups that meet the mandates and purpose of GWOF.  Individuals seeking funds will go through a thorough application and interview process to earn funds in the form of a scholarship.

Developed Countries

Nearly every citizen currently living in developed countries has the basic opportunities to access fresh food and water, basic shelter, basic health care and public education.  However, even with access to basic opportunities there are still problems that must be addressed.  GWOF currently views developed countries opportunity needs as further down the chain focusing on health care and education.  Below is a diagram illustrating GWOF’s current view of the opportunity chain in developed country (i.e. United States):

GWOF’s work in developed countries may be the greatest chance to truly grow awareness for those who do have greater opportunities.  GWOF will institute the need for children from developed countries to develop self sustaining opportunity and ultimately apply that opportunity to those further down the chain.

Developing Countries

The developing countries of the world face staggering setbacks and most don’t even have the basic opportunities of life.  For this reason, GWOF views most developing countries needs as further up the opportunity chain focusing on the basic opportunities in life.  Many children in developing countries do not have the opportunity for fresh food, water and basic shelter.  This phenomenon in the world is quite shocking but greatly unnoticed by many in the world that do not have the exposure to such desperate areas of the world.  It is the goal of GWOF to help sustain opportunity in the world and that must start at the beginning of the food chain with many communities.  Below is a diagram illustrating GWOF’s current view of the opportunity chain in developing countries:

GWOF believes that every program and/or sponsorship should be based on self sustainability.  Opportunity is only as good as the beneficiary’s ability to sustain the opportunity and grow it into more opportunity.  Thus, it is the goal of GWOF to always seek out projects that will last beyond GWOF’s involvement or funds and boost a child further down the opportunity chain.

”Give a man a fish and you have fed him for today.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”