Mt. Tallac High School Presentation

GWOF co-founder, Dusty Wunderlich, had the pleasure of being introduced to Mount Tallac High School by GWOF supporter Anna Hastie.  Mount Tallac High School is truly a place of hope and perseverance.  Most of the students attending Mount Tallac High School have dealt with many life challenges from a young age and are fighting to gain any chance at opportunity.  Dusty was truly inspired by the students and teachers at this school and hope to help many of these kids reach self sustaining opportunity.

Dusty had the privilege of speaking to the students about my life challenges and adventures.  Dusty took his experience from his recent climb to Aconcagua and apply that expedition to actual life experiences.  Dusty saw great similarities between climbing mountains and the ups and downs of life which is probably why I find enjoyment in the challenges of mountaineering.

Please click on the link below to view the presentation Dusty gave to the students.  You will notice many great quotes and thoughts, all of which help guide my life on a daily basis.  Dusty believes wisdom is timeless and the quotes you will see on the presentation span centuries, gender and cultures.  We hope you enjoy the presentation and please leave us a comment with any quotes that have been inspirational to your life.

If you are motivated by the presentation please consider donating to these inspirational young adults through our Mt. Tallac High School Scholarship Program .

Climbing Life’s Mountains – Mt. Tallac High School Presentation