Verity Caruso – Experiences in Africa

Verity Caruso had dreamed of visiting Africa for years and finally got her opportunity this year to live out that dream.  Verity was accepted into a volunteer program in Kenya to work in a local clinic.   Little did she know but the experience would bring some amazing individuals into her life that touched her soul.  One of those individuals was a young gentleman named Solomon “Rambo” Kindi.  Verity, like many traveling Americans, was humbled by the heart and passion that Rambo instilled given his limited circumstances.  Thus, Verity made it her personal goal to make sure that Rambo receive the opportunities that far too many of us take for granted.  This opportunity is in the form of education. Verity has set out to raise enough money from her family and friends to send Rambo to college so he is no longer subject to the harsh living and work conditions he endures with such grace today.

It is our honor to announce Verity Caruso as our latest GWOF ambassador and we recognize her as an outstanding humanitarian who is putting those in need at the top of her goals.  Please join us in supporting Verity and donating funds to Rambo’s education.  Lets be a solution to those that need and want advancement through opportunity.  Please use the below donation button to make your tax deductible donation or send at check made out to GWOF, PO Box 2613, Stateline, NV 89449.


– Verity Caruso’s Story