Sandesh Sidhu Kilimanjaro/Africa Expedition

On September 2010, Sandesh Sidhu will take on his first high altitude peak – Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa.  Sandesh has committed to be a GWOF Ambassador and take on this climb for a major humanitarian cause.  Co-founder Dusty Wunderlich and Sandesh played college golf together and their friendship has flourished since their early days in college together.

Sandesh is taking time out from his prospering investment banking career to tackle some new and exciting life experiences and his efforts should inspire everyone. Having conquered Kilimanjaro in January 2009, Dusty knows all too well the challenge and obstacles involved in climbing Africa’s highest mountain.  However, as a sufferer of diabetes (Type I) since the age of 10, Sandesh will be facing more than just the mountain ahead of him: daily insulin injections and a strict nutritional regime demonstrate the lengths (and heights!) that he is willing to go to reach a personal goal and also increase awareness of the benefits of the GWOF program.   Sandesh’s efforts are truly admired and respected by us and we are honored to have such a brave guy as a GWOF ambassador.

We are sorry to report that Sandesh’s efforts at taking down Kilimanjaro were halted by a major fracture to his leg during the motor bike safari.  Sandesh is now with his family in Australia recovering and is looking forward to getting back to Africa in the future to take on Kilimanjaro as a GWOF Ambassador.