Dusty Wunderlich Aconcagua Expedition

GWOF Co-founder Dusty Wunderlich constantly found himself thriving to accomplish life challenges but after time wanted to tie his challenges to a cause or project that would benefit others.  The GWOF Aconcagua Expedition in January 2010 represented the first official GWOF Ambassador project.  On January 16, 2010 Dusty Wunderlich set out to climb the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere, Aconcagua (22,844 feet) for the GWOF and through a series of good weather days and blessed with a strong team on January 31, 2010 Dusty was able to stand on top of Aconcagua.  Please see below for published articles, radio interviews and blogs that Dusty contributed to before and after the expedition.

Crossfit Journal Publication

Pre-Aconcagua Blog – “Mountaineering – Purpose or Ego”

Post-Aconcagua Blog – “Finding Meaning on Aconcagua”