Become an Ambassador

The GWOF ambassador program is open to adventurous people who want to take on new life challenges and support a cause during the process.  The Growing Worldwide Opportunity Foundation will help you set-up the infrastructure for reaching your goal and communicating your new challenge for a cause to your family and friends.  We encourage all of our supporters to set a life challenge and GWOF will help facilitate this goal whether this be a run, bike, climb, adventure race, triathlon or crossfit event for a cause.

“Be not simply good, be good for something”
-Henry David Thoreau

For those interested in taking on a new life challenge please contact us with your thoughts and goals.  The Growing Worldwide opportunity Foundation will help to obtain and facilitate your life challenge through the following benefits:

  • Develop a life challenge and cause for the GWOF Ambassador.
  • Build a personal website and email campaign for the GWOF Ambassador.
  • Post biography and life challenge of GWOF Ambassador on the GWOF website.
  • Customize a logistical schedule and expense plan for the life challenge.
  • Establish and set personal GWOF Ambassador goals for fundraising, awareness and performance.