Dusty Wunderlich; Co-Founder & Chairman

Dusty Wunderlich has built a diverse array of positions and companies that make up his career and involvement in society. Mr. Wunderlich’s most recent accomplishment is the start of a strategic equity investment firm, Optimum Strategy Group.  As Optimum Strategy Group’s founder,  Mr. Wunderlich guides Optimum’s dedication to delivering innovative financial and strategic  solutions to companies, investment firms, and investors through a dynamic and creative approach to the capital markets. With a core belief in alignment of interest and long term partnerships, Optimum Strategy Group is dedicated to providing exceptional institutional asset management and investment banking services.

Prior to starting Optimum Strategy Group, Mr. Wunderlich served as Executive Vice President, Investment Banking at ARVCO Financial Ventures (FINRA/SEC Registered Broker/Dealer). Mr. Wunderlich’s role at ARVCO included, but was not limited to due diligence, fund marketing, merger & acquisition, valuation, business development, restructuring and advisory. Mr. Wunderlich also participated in the global strategic planning for the firm which included building and maintaining relationships on both the public and private sector. Mr. Wunderlich was also responsible for managing all employees and sub-agents in the investment banking division. During Mr. Wunderlich’s time at ARVCO he lead and assisted in raising over $1 billion in capital for private equity firms, venture capital firms and growth companies.

Prior to joining ARVCO, Mr. Wunderlich had an extensive career serving many different roles in the food & beverage, hotel, hospitality and the gaming industries. Mr. Wunderlich joined the finance world with ARVCO Financial Ventures and quickly established himself in the areas of alternative and renewable energy and corporate finance. Mr. Wunderlich has traveled, conducted business and spoken at conferences on six continents and is continuing to establish networks throughout the world.

Mr. Wunderlich is also a co-founder of the Growing Worldwide Opportunity Foundation (“GWOF”), a public charity that focuses on international and domestic humanitarian projects. Mr. Wunderlich is currently serving as Chairman and President of GWOF and plays a key role in the development and strategy of GWOF. Mr. Wunderlich’s enthusiasm for travel and mountaineering helped create the international aspects of the foundation. Mr. Wunderlich’s extensive travel has also given him immense passion to help be part of the solution of the world’s problems.

Currently, Mr. Wunderlich is on a campaign to climb the highest mountains in the world to bring funding and awareness to major humanitarian issues. Mr. Wunderlich is also very active in his local community and has served on multiple committee’s and plans for regional economic development and in conjunction with GWOF donate funds and hold events for local groups focused on education and health care.

Mr. Wunderlich received his Bachelors of Science in finance and MBA from Missouri State University. During his time at Missouri State he contributed to the golf team and was recognized as a scholar athlete. Mr. Wunderlich currently holds SEC Securities Licenses 7 and 63. Mr. Wunderlich’s hobbies and passions include golf, mountaineering and international travel.