GWOF Opportunity Chain

Every child in the world deserves to have the basic opportunities whether they live in the poorest areas of the world or in the wealthiest areas of the world.  Thus, every child’s situation is unique and should be evaluated in such a way.  For this reason, GWOF founders created the opportunity chain to best access the needs of a particular project or region in the world.  The chart below illustrates the opportunity chain and the self sustaining opportunity it ultimately creates.

No one denies the need for opportunity in the poor regions of the world but we must also identify how we can increase opportunity in areas that are not perceived as lacking basic opportunities.  Any child that can get through the basic opportunity chain can begin to create their own opportunity and most importantly opportunity for others, thus, this chain will also become self sustaining.  The above diagram displays the precedence for opportunity among any child in the world – children need basic food, water, shelter and healthcare in order to have the focus to grow their minds through education.  For this reason, GWOF assesses each individual region and their basic needs for opportunity.  One particular developing area in the world may need focus on the basic opportunities of fresh food and water while others in developed countries need the support for further education.  The opportunity chain represents the opportunities children need throughout the world and how everyone in the end is interconnected to the chain.